Friday, December 11, 2015

What's new with the Cryptozoo?

Just what you've all been waiting for! Cryptozoo Crew is returning to the pages of The Sunday Comics! The Sunday Comics is currently a succesfully-funded Kickstarter that's still ongoing. If you fondly remember the glory of the Sunday Funnies, you need to support this Kickstarter!

Allan Gross and I are working on new stories now, but you'll get remastered stories from the Cryptozoo Crew graphic novel series for the first year. Wait til you read the new stuff! Al's script has more giggles per frame than anything he's written thus far--and I've been studying and refining my cartooning and storytelling for the last few years.

To whet your whistle for new material, here's a work in progress--the cover to an upcoming issue of The Sunday Comics, modeled on the original cover to the first graphic novel!

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